Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Fifi Perfume Presentation c1951

 "Fifi" and "Fluff" were presentations created for the holiday season in 1951. 

"Fluff" is like a miniature muff of snow fluff finished with a long streaming bow of glistening pink satin, Untied it reveals a satin case of the same rosy hue with four pockets holding a quartet of perfumes, Sirocco, Orgueil, Cachet and Indiscret. The bottles are encased in gold toned filigree and look like pieces of costume jewelry. When you remove them, you can tuck your fingers into the slender pockets and use the beautiful puff for a bath powder mitt. Fluff was price-tagged at $13.50.

"Fifi" is a dramatic crystal bottle with glass stopper that holds 0.25 oz of parfum. It rests against a white square of fluffy swansdown. There is a choice of three fragrances:Sirocco, Indiscret and Cachet. Like Fluff, Fifi serves a purpose beyond being decorative,. This big handful of finest feathery down made a lovely powder puff. Fifi was price-tagged at $7.50.

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