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Cachet by Lucien Lelong c1948

Cachet by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1948. Cachet was available in parfum, cologne, dusting powder and lipstick.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It was classified as a green chypre fragrance for women. A spicy perfume with green top notes. The color of the perfume was actually tinted green to reflect its mossy scent.
  • Top notes: Iranian galbanum, Calabrian bergamot, cyclamen
  • Middle notes: carnation, iris, exotic spices, Grasse jasmine, Grasse rose
  • Base notes: castoreum, Mysore sandalwood, Mexican vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean, Tyrolean oak moss, Indonesian patchouli, ambergris, French labdanum, Java vetiver

L'Amour de l'art, 1950:
"Cachet by Lucien Lelong: vetiver and castoreum on a field of azure, cyclamen and iris...Thus could be translated the mysterious motto of this luxurious and fragrant Cachet."

The Milwaukee Journal - Oct 13, 1949:
"Lucien Lelong Cachet cologne sensation . 4 ounces -$2.50.  Newest, most talked-about . vivid as the Paris that inspired it! (because it is actually imported from France.) It's haunting fragrance pays a compliment to every woman. Imported French Cachet Perfume at $10, $17.50 and $25.00. Cachet Dusting Powder 8 oz, $2.00 ."


Cachet parfum was presented in a gorgeous clear glass baluster form bottle molded with frosted acanthus leaf foliage. The flame shaped ground glass stopper repeats the pattern on the bottle. The cuffed and splayed base is molded with "Lucien Lelong Paris" and "Made in France".

The base will also have a round gold metallic paper label reading "Made In/France/Cachet/Net Cont." and have the size stated. The 0.25 oz size has a paper label around the collar of the bottle, while the larger bottles have a gold paper hang tag tied around the collar.

The bottles were manufactured by Pochet et du Courval.

The bottle was available in four sizes.
  • 0.25 oz = 4" tall
  • 0.50 oz = 5"
  • 1 oz = 6" tall
  • 2 oz = 7.5" tall

The bottles were housed in festive cylindrical boxes made up of two halves attached with either paper or fabric hinges. The boxes open like scrolls and are covered in red and white textile printed with repeat of logo. The boxes close with red silk cords that simply wrap around the boxes.

The smallest bottle rests safely inside of a fitted interior. The larger sized boxes have the bottles resting atop a cylindrical platform fixed on one side of the box and nestled into a cut out, while the other half of the box has an open area covered by fabric to gently cradle the bottle when closed.

Fare of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.I believe it was still being sold in 1965.

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