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Tempest by Lucien Lelong c1947

Tempest by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1947.

This is the fragrance 'Orage', renamed for the English market.

Tempest was a line complete from lipsticks to perfume.

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Opening Night by Lucien Lelong c1935

Opening Night by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1935.

This is the fragrance 'Orage'. Re-branded for the English market; branded in France as 'La Première'.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Joli Bouquet Perfume Presentation c1930s

Lucien Lelong's "Joli Bouquet" Perfume Presentation was launched during the early 1930s. It originally held the perfumes B, C and L. Other versions held Mon Image, Indiscret and Melodie.

The New Yorker - Volume 8, 1932:
"Joli Bouquet . . . three bottles of Lucien Lelong Perfumes — B, C, and L — in a jaunty hat box. $5. The smallest size $2"

Later used in 1952 as a name of a perfume. 

So what does it smell like? It was a refreshing springlike floral perfume.

Home Journal - Volume 106, 1952:
"Lucien Lelong's new Joli Bouquet. $2 in solid cologne."

Harper's Bazaar - Volume 87, 1953:
"Paris Bouquet. Lucien Lelong in his "Joli Bouquet" lias created a fragrance alive with the air of Paris in spring ... a hundred flower carts, the soft breezes off the quais, the blossoming green parks, the flavor of tiny streets, the city's lighthearted colors. Perfume $7.50 for one ounce. Cologne $3 for four ounces."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cachet by Lucien Lelong c1948

Cachet by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1948. Cachet was available in parfum, cologne, dusting powder and lipstick.

Mon Image by Lucien Lelong c1933

Mon Image by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1933. The name Mon Image, is pronounced MOHN-EEMAJH, and means "my image" in French.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gardenia by Lucien Lelong c1936

Gardenia by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1936.

Edition Limitée by Lucien Lelong c1951

In 1951, the Lucien Lelong perfume company released a special presentation in a new bottle. It was called "Edition Limitée" and only 200 bottles were produced.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Arpes by Lucien Lelong c1940s

Arpes by Lucien Lelong: launched in the 1940s.

So what does it smell like?

Discontinued, date unknown.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Embrace Bath Oil by Lucien Lelong c1950s

Harper's Bazaar, 1956:
"Bath oils do more than scent the water deliciously, they also soften water and soften you.  Lucien Lelong's Embrace is a highly concentrated flower distillation in oil form."

Eugene Register-Guard - Oct 20, 1959
"Lucien Lelong "EMBRACE" BATH OIL . Thrifty Special .89 . Just a few drops in the tun for bath-time beauty. Smooths dry, chapped skin . leaves an allover, delicate fragrance."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fifi Perfumed Sachet c1939

Fifi is the name for a presentation with Jabot perfumed sachet in the form of an elegant high buttoned Victorian boot, all housed inside of a fancy gift box. This was a holiday limited edition piece and retailed for $10, quite pricey for the day.

Taglio by Lucien Lelong c1945

Taglio by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1928 as "Parfum N" and renamed Taglio for the US market in 1945.

Elle, Elle by Lucien Lelong c1948

Elle, Elle by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1948.Created by Jean Carles. The name Elle, Elle, played on the pronunciation of Lelong's initials: "LL."

Parfum N by Lucien Lelong c1928

Parfum N by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1928, though his registration of the name claims use since 1922.

Orgueil by Lucien Lelong c1946

Orgueil by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1946. The name means "Pride" in French. Created by Jean Carles after the liberation of France from German occupation and expresses her pride for the French victory.

Jeweled Sachet Perfume Presentation c1950s

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lucien Lelong Perfume Factice Bottles

Les Fleurs de Lucien Lelong c1938

Drug and Cosmetic Industry - Volume 43, 1938:
"Lucien Lelong has cleverly taken advantage of this fashion and is introducing Les Fleurs de Lucien Lelong, five lovely floral odors, to promote during the summer season. The lovely flasks of Lilac, Sweet Pea, Mimosa, Magnolia and Honeysuckle perfumes are anchored on ivory bases and encased in transparent boxes decorated with flowers and ferns. The prices range from $1 for the purse flacon up to $25. To stimulate further interest in these floral odors both by the store and the customer, Lucien Lelong furnishes without charge, a large bulk bar in plaster., beautifully decorated with a profusion of the flowers which the perfumes represent, to any Lucien Lelong agency placing an order for one each of the perfumes."

 The Sandusky Register, 1940:
"$1.00 Les Fleurs de LUCIEN LELONG Single-flower fragrances that make you feel you are walking among blossoms: golden hearted Mimosa— • Magnolia steeped in moonlight—serene, lingering Honeysuckle—youthful Sweet Pea—sun-filled Lilac—and ever-famed Gardenia. Each possesses the unfading loveliness of the flower itself. In a garden package."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sirocco by Lucien Lelong c1934

Sirôcco by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1934.

Passionnement by Lucien Lelong c1940

Passionnement by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1940. Created by Jean Carles. The name means "Passionately' in French. This perfume was sold as 'Tailspin' in the USA.

Tailspin by Lucien Lelong c1940

Tailspin by Lucien Lelong: launched in 1940. Created by Jean Carles. This perfume was marketed in France as "Passionnement".

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